Shipping options we provide for our Antique Furniture


Step 1

Feel Free to send us your full address including zip/postal code by email to

Step 2

We will obtain shipping price , usually calculation of the delivery cost overseas within two working day - arranging our overseas deliveries done using well - know and respected international shipping company. 

Step 3

We will only process the order when you have accepted the delivery price

Shipping options

Air Freight

It is most expensive way to ship your furniture , but it is the fastest way to reach your home. For most small items or valuable items , you should consider to send it by air freight. We can pack your furniture and deliver it to the airport at your request.

Sea Freight

We delivery most of furniture to your home by this way world wide , because it is the cheapest way to send your furniture .

The price of shipping company varies from time to time .We can quote you the most recently price in a short time.